Thursday 19th November – Anthony’s World

Yingmei Duan and Anthony Yates have collaborated since Yingmei started her residency in Chinese Arts Centre. This collaboration culminated in a performance together on Thursday 19th November.  Anthony’s work was shown in Yingmei’s space. Yingmei asked Anthony about his life and asked him to describe his work. Prominent themes in his work emerged such as religion, historical figures and future architecure. Members of the audience were asked to contribute to the interview to discover more about Anthony Yates’ work.


To add one meter to an anonymous mountain

Photographer: Lü Nan

Approx. 20 min.
An anonymous mountain in Beijing, China, 1995


The artistic career of Chinese Yingmei Duan begins as a painter in China. In the 90 years she comes to the “East Village”, an artists’ quarter of Beijing and catches up with the contemporary avant-garde. Thus she attends the now famous performance “To Add One Meter to an Anonymous Mountain”.

This was a live performance with Wang Shihua, Cang Xin, Gao Yang, Zuoxiao Zuzhou, Ma Zongyin, Zhang Huan, Ma Liuming, Zhang Binbin and Zhu Ming This is a collaborative work by the Beijing East-Village artists. This live performance begins with each of the artists being weighed by Kong Bu. He then ordered the artists determined by weight and they began to build a human mountain by lying on top of each other. The heaviest lay down first, and the lightest lay down last. Collectively when stacked the height of the bodies was one meter high.

Open Studio

Daily Live Performances from 17 November – 24 November 2009 (excluding 22nd and 23rd)

During her residency at Chinese Arts Centre, Yingmei Duan has undertaken a performance and research project which investigates how art is experienced in the UK.

The research has focussed upon the many facets of art education and Yingmei has conducted intensive research by attending art classes in schools and many workshops and educational projects. After her residency in Manchester she will take this project to Germany and China culminating in a live art event featuring a debate between arts educators, art professionals and the general public.



During her Open Studio Yingmei will be performing a series of collaborative Live Art events in Chinese Arts Centre:

Yingmei Duan and Lu Di 17 November 2009 @ 2.30pm

Yingmei Duan and Anthony Yates 18 November 2009 @ 2.30pm

Yingmei Duan and David Hancock 21 November 2009 @ 3pm

Yingmei Duan with 10 Art Students 24 November 2009 @ 2pm

Yingmei Duan with Ya-nung Huang and Branka Vidovic Yingmei’s residency at Chinese Arts Centre is supported by Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony.

Future Imagination

‘Future Imagination’ was Yingmei Duan’s final performance in a series of 3 that took place at Chinese Arts Centre over the past 3 saturdays. For this performance Yingmei presented her solo exhibition at the newly refurbished Chinese Arts Centre in the year 2013.

Assisting Yingmei was David Hancock who took on the role of a gallery guide to escort the audience around the imagined future exhibition. The audience was taken on an audio and sensory journey through the 8 rooms of the exhibition starting with an installation of a spotlit cot suspended from the ceiling, swaying back and forth to a haunting lullaby and finishing with a meditation room for the audience to relax after the show.

Inbetween the audience was taken to a remote farm in the Peak District. As they meandered through the breathtaking landscape they heard the sounds of cattle, sheep and other farm yard animals. From scent of fresh air, as they moved on to the next room, their senses were assaulted by the charred remnents of a catastophy, in the midst of which a single TV screen presented ‘Yingmei in Wonderland’. A video piece in which Yingmei is surrounded by a sea of white paper, the piece was in contrast to the bleakness of the blackened space.

Carefully managing the oiled floor, the audience precariously managed their way into a room in which the centre was a stack on monitors. Each of these presented porn films carefully edited to focus solely on a woman’s face in orgasm. The sound overhelmed the audience who were in a state of both stimulation and revultion.

The exhibition comes a close with the library in which the audience can read through Yingmei’s exhibition catalogues and watch documentation of her various and numerous performances.

The guide asks if the audience enjoyed their tour and hopes they will return to Yingmei’s solo exhibition at Chinese Arts Centre in the year 2013.

Late openings

Late Night Opening: on the last Friday of every month Chinese Arts Centre will be open until 8pm.



Marina Abramovic Presents

Just in case you missed it, here’s some information on the Manchester International Festival’s Performance Art Spectacular, Marina Abramovic Presents which took place at The Whitworth Art Gallery last Summer. Yingmei Duan was one of the 14 artists that took part in this.

For this groundbreaking event, the Whitworth was emptied every gallery space in order to create room for this unique work to develop and breathe. The show began with an hour-long performance initiation with Marina Abramović, leading up to a series of extraordinary encounters between artists and audience.


Carlow’s Visual Centre for Contemporary Art

While in residence at Chinese Arts Centre Yingmei Duan will be travelling over the Irish Sea to the Carlow’s Visual Centre for Contemporary Art in an exhibition curated by Amanda Coogan. Coogan is a performance artist Duan has previously worked with in the recent Marina Abramovic Presents at The Whitworth Art Gallery last summer.


ACCUMULATOR : Curated by Amanda Coogan

VISUAL has invited Amanda Coogan, well known Irish performance artist to curate a series of live durational performance pieces between September and December 2009. There will be six performances by six artists, including the curator Amanda Coogan, who will open the programme. Each artist will be required to deal with the detritus of the previous artist’s work, hence the title, Accumulator. Also part of the exhibition will be short audio-visual gallery works as well as recorded footage of previous performances as the show progresses over the three month period. This exhibition will bring together some of the exceptional practitioners in performance art from Ireland and abroad. Included are senior figures of Irish performance practice Alastair MacLennan and Brian Connolly as well as younger generation of practitioners Declan Rooney and Neva Elliot, both Carlow artists currently living in Berlin and London respectively. VISUAL is also delighted to present Yingmei Duan a Chinese artist who has built a strong international reputation. The exhibition will serve not only as an overview of a potent practice in the visual arts but will be flagging new directions in presentation and collaborative practice in the visual arts in Ireland. Thursday 24th September – Amanda Coogan, opening night performance from 6pm onwards. Saturday October 3rd – Neva Elliot, 2pm – 8pm. Saturday October 17th – Declan Rooney, 2pm – 8pm. Saturday November 7th – Yinmei Duan, 2pm – 8pm. Saturday November 21st- Brian Connolly, 2pm – 8pm. Saturday November 28th – Alastair MacLennan, 2pm – 8pm.


Image above, Amanda Coogan, The Fall, performance, live at the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, 2009, photo: Davey Moore.

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